Dark and Light Announces High-Quality Photo Mode

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by Ashley Kemp

Dark and Light, originally, released back in 2006 to mixed reviews, has since gone back into Early Access and the developers have taken their criticisms to heart. The game now looks quite promising with over 100 spells to learn, plenty of environments to explore, and the most noticeable change: the graphical quality. It comes as no surprise that Dark and Light has teamed up with Nvidia and their Ansel technology to bring a high-quality photo mode to their game to show off the gorgeous world.

In this recently recently released trailer, we see Dark and Light’s photo mode in action and it is even more detailed than we even knew we wanted. According to the description of the Youtube video, “With NVIDIA Ansel, players can take staggering 360° screenshots, as well as studio-quality 2D screenshots” of the Dark and Light world. 

The shots players take can be saved as regular (than giant) 2D photographs, panoramas, or in stereo for virtual reality gear and come with a variety of editing options. Players can add filters and adjust their intensity, fiddle with the brightness, contrast, and vibrance, add vignette and much more with the Nvidia Ansel technology.

Dark and Light Fireball Photo Mode

When a game looks as graphically impressive as Dark and Light, players will naturally want to take as many screenshots of their adventure as possible. This photo mode allows them to do that on a much higher “studio-quality” level and it will likely bring out quite a bit of creativity.

Dark and Light has no release date but is still said to come out of Early Access “later this year.” Until then, anyone interested in the title can check out its Steam page or sign up for the Beta. If that’s not enough, read our latest article on Dark and Light when the game was showed off in 4K resolution earlier this week.

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  1. Ok, that is super cool. I am already a fan of Warframe’s captura mode for taking photos, but this… This is looking amazing!

    Minifig3D on June 16 | Reply

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