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Dark And Light Adjusts Balance With Latest Patch

The best thing about Early Access games is that you can help shape their future. After all, the whole point of them is that they aren’t finished titles, and the developers WANT you to guide them so that when they are released, they aren’t in the same position as they are now. So, when a patch for an Early Access game arrives, you can pretty much bet that part or all of it is based on what players have said. This is the case with the latest patch of Dark and Light.

On their Steam Page, the team fully admits that this patch is because of fans outcries for balance in the game. So, they made adjustments to it. Here are the highlights.

A majority of the balance changes revolves around reduction in damage, but not necessarily to things in battle. For example, melee weapons such as the Iron Hammer, stone weapons, and even some other iron weapons have had their damage reduced to thatch items has been reduced. And in the case of the hammer, it can’t hurt Iron Reinforcements anymore.

This logic is also applying to creatures themselves, for now, creatures will only be able to harm houses made of thatch and wood. So, if you’re able to make something stronger, your home will be safe in the wild…more or less. There will be enemies that can damage your house, but as long as you stay vigilant, you might just be able to live out in the wild.

Even magic and projectile weapons have had their damage against buildings reduced or modified. It’s clear that players don’t like it when their homes are always being attacked, or reduced to ashes, and this patch will make it so that doesn’t happen as much in Dark and Light. So, enjoy your safer home!

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