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DailyQuest: Can Kritika Online Last?

We recently decided to take a look at the newly released Kritika Online game, and it kind of got us thinking whether such MMOs have a future in the west.

Fundamentally, Kritika Online does have some positive sides, like the skill animations and the subclasses. Beyond these, however, there are a number of highly irritating segments of the game that most people hardly ever want to bump into in an MMO. I mean, this whole instanced zone approach with tiny maps and dumb mobs, it’s just not what one would expect to see in an MMORPG.

DailyQuest - Kritika Online

Kritika Online basically feels like a mobile game converted into a PC title, and the energy (RP) system really doesn’t fit the genre at all. Players often seek MMORPGs that hold activities for the whole day, and being limited by those pesky Rest Points is just a pain in the backside.

Then there is the gender-locked class system with hardly any possibility for customization paired with the lack of gear looks (except weapons). All these things should have been removed from MMORPGs a decade ago and yet a bunch of titles still emerge with tons of pointless limitations.

Kritika Online is not the only instance-based game that’s being released in the west, as Soul Worker and others are also heading our way. We will soon find out whether such MMOs can meet the current expectations of gamers.

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