Daily Quest: All-Star Tavern Brawl

Mustapha R. Price
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Blizzard seems to be running out of ideas. This Tavern Brawl? Just pick a class and pick a card. You get 22 copies of the card, and a few random class cards sprinkled in there. In my opinion, this Tavern Brawl seems like a no brainer.

Credit to Hearthstone Gamepedia

Credit to Hearthstone Gamepedia

I instantly jumped to Priest and just filled my deck with Mind Blast. It’s going to be a match of no more than six turns. One deck I saw just had the Upgrade spell. It was clever for sure. By the end of the match, they had a 10/8 weapon. I didn’t really have much to bite back with, given that my deck was made up of just mind blast.

I think the real flow of this Brawl is super simple. Just lay on the pressure. Whatever card you use to do so is your call, but it’s all about putting your opponent on a serious time limit. Whether that’s a hand full of aggro spells just waiting on your mana to increase, or spells that give you a growing weapon that will keep getting stronger, you’re constantly under pressure. This is the type of thinking that encourages the aggro climate of the game. Perhaps Blizzard should go back to the more diverse Tavern Brawls that call for creative deck building.

Regardless, this isn’t the toughest Brawl out there, and can be won using mostly basic cards. So get in there and win yourself that free pack!

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