Daily Quest: Protect Yourself (Furi)

Mustapha R. Price
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I said it last week and I’ll say it again. Furi is a game after my own heart. Combining the bullet hell style of a classic game like Galaga, with the boss gauntlet parry-dependent nature of a Souls game, and of course, the storytelling prowess of an Asura’s Wrath, this game is a recipe for a truly good time.

That being said, the difficulty factor is at an all time high, so if you’re going to play there are some things you need to keep in mind.

furi_009For starters, dodging may seem like the way to go, but it’s not. Not necessarily at least. There are some moves you’re required to dodge, and others that you’re not. But more often than not when it comes to being up close and personal you want to be able to parry. Parrying is hard, and requires arguably masterful timing. But if you can’t time a parry perfectly in the beginning it’s not detrimental. Despite this, the earlier you get comfortable with parry timing, the better.

Always be moving. Simple as that. If you feel like you’re being overwhelmed by an enemy, it’s probably because you’re letting their actions dictate the fight a little too much. If you’re constantly moving, you’re in a little bit more control.

Sometimes it’s a little bit hard to enjoy a fight when you’re on your third or fourth try, and you have to keep hearing the same commentary over and over again. My suggestion is to turn down the volume when it gets to that point. There aren’t that many audio cues in game, and most things you can gather just by watching.

Hopefully these tips were able to steer you in the right direction. Happy hunting, and show these guys who’s truly the boss of this game.

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