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Daily Quest: Pokémon Go – Is It Really That Good?

The Daily Quest (1)Pokémon Go has been generating so much hype recently and it has become a daily practice that people roam the streets blindly, hunting for new Pokémon.

But is the game really that good? Or is it simply its innovational play style that everyone is mesmerized about?


To start off, I must confess that I have been a huge Pokémon fan in the late 90s, and perhaps even later. The GameBoy Pokémon games have been a huge part of many people’s lives along with the animated series. Those complex RPGs have kept us locked onto our GameBoy screens for hours on a daily basis and the series is still unstoppable.


Pokémon Go arrived with a huge bang and in an instant, managed to build up a huge player base on both Android and iOS devices. All this crazy hype for one mobile game is something that I haven’t really witnessed since Angry Birds and Candy Crush was launched. In all honesty, I somehow managed to stay immune to this viral game and this could be due to the fact that after trying it for hours, I simply felt like I should just go and play the regular Pokémon games, and not this awkward creation that can get people to jump fences and stop on highways just to catch a Pokémon that you can’t even train properly.

The way I see it, the only true positive outcome of Pokémon Go is that it actually got people to get out of the house and discover their environment, instead of sitting at home on their sofa with eyes fixed on their smartphone displays. Beyond this interactive and outgoing play style, I cannot say that Pokémon Go is a decent Pokémon game, and personally, I’d rather go and sit in a park and play a Pokémon game on a 3DS than play a highly limited one that lost many of those exciting features that people got addicted to over a decade ago. As for the fact that Pokémon Go can be dangerous when people go to places where they shouldn’t just to catch a Pokémon, that is really not the game’s fault. Recent news indicate that Pokémon Go’s popularity might be declining slightly, which might just indicate that people are getting bored of just catching Pokémon.

Written by Daniel Csaki

Daniel, Founder of MMOExaminer, is an experienced gaming and tech journalist with a Bachelor in Communication and Journalism. Beyond his dedication to writing, he is an eager MMORPG enthusiast and a regular keyboard-smasher. When not writing, you can spot him in MMOs like Aion, ArcheAge, APB and he tends to suffer from the well-known “with or without you” WoW relationship. Besides MMO games, Daniel loves playing retro RPGs with his fiancée.

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