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Daily Quest: Karazhan Party Moves To Tavern

It’s a little late in the week to be discussing the Tavern Brawl, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to skip it! The new One Night in Karazhan set in Hearthstone has really put a focus onto strong tempo-centric removal.

A lot of the major spells added to the game serve one function while also summoning a minion. For instance, Ironforge Portal gives you armor while summoning a 4-cost minion. The Tavern Brawl for this week focuses entirely on the portal spells, as they fill your entire deck. While that may seem like a bit of a slow moving brawl, the Mediva minion you’re given on the first turn takes a permanent spot on your board and reduces the cost of every portal in your hand by one mana.


The best possible tactic for this brawl is to be attentive of what you need. The multi-purpose element to the portals makes it so you can use them as a way to keep yourself alive, to eliminate minions, and fill up your board. But you should not use a portal just to get a minion on the board, that’s why your deck has some unstable portals in it as well.

If you need armor, use Ironforge, if you need to kill a minion, use Firelands. But you shouldn’t waste easy removal or heals just to get some minions.

Otherwise, this is a pretty simple Brawl to win. Both you and your opponent have to play Mage, so it’s not like you’ll come across too many surprises, and you don’t even have to build a deck. This is a great opportunity to learn the flow of some of the One Night in Karazhan cards, and really experience them as originally intended.

Get in there, play smart, and win yourself a free pack!

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