Daily Quest: Destroy Nefarian

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by Mustapha R. Price

Hearthstone players know, we just can’t seem to keep Nefarian down. Spanning two boss fights across the Blackrock Mountain campaign and a Legendary card that can really change the flow of battle, this crafty dragon stands as one of the most tenacious characters in Hearthstone. Despite his serious Warcraft origins, this character takes to the card game with a humorous tenacity, and this Tavern Brawl is no different.

Hearthstone3Shaman and Priest must ally against this vile dragon. This cooperative experience is similar to the Mechazod Brawl, but gives you a much more gradual growth curve, and a few Brawl specific cards that give you a few challenges to overcome, including avoiding fatigue.

You’ll recognize a lot of the similar strategies, where sometimes you might have to use your head in a way to determine which minions are more valuable for buffing. Thankfully, trading is much easier in this Brawl as Nefarian starts out with 0 attack and stays that way for a while. His 200 health gives you more than enough time to get adjusted to the way he fights before the difficulty gets cranked up.

The strategy at play here is simple. Effective trades, smart minion buffing, and ally healing to make for a quick and easy battle against Nefarian. Team up with a stranger and win yourself that free pack!


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