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Pokemon GO is currently the most popular game for Android. Unfortunately, there is a great number of people who can’t play it because of the release dates. The game didn’t go live on the global scale as we are used to. Because of that, there are many people looking for alternative solutions, and when there is a demand for something, there are those who like to take advantage of it. Not so long after the official release in New Zeland, the Internet got flooded with different Pokemon GO applications. But before you install any of those, please read this article.

Researchers from various companies, that specialize in security, discovered a malicious version of Pokemon GO applications. Most of them can be found on the various 3rd party platforms and suspicious sites. These sites tend to manipulate their visitors into downloading the game and allowing installation from unverified sources (unknown sources).

The company that discovered the malicious code, states that it is a backdoor. More specifically, it’s a DroidJack remote access tool (RAT). Malicious applications were online on July 7th, only 72 hours after Nintendo launched the Pokemon GO in New Zealand.


Could we blame developers for this situation?

We could, but that would be way too childish. Yes, this could have been avoided, if only the game was released at the same time in every part of the world. But, it is what it is, and unfortunately, we can’t change that. We could help each other out and stay strong, together, until the real game goes global. But, the temptation caused by screenshots of the game, that the Internet was flooded with, made them visit different alternative sources, thereby jeopardizing their safety.

To keep it short, do not download or install any Pokemon GO applications from the Internet if they are not official versions. Backdoor malware can cause you huge problems because, as its name says, it leaves your smartphone and tablet open to hackers. They will gain the access to your personal information and use them against you. Our advice is to wait for the application to appears on the Play Store.

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