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Is The D.Va Statue Far Too Expensive?

As video gamers, we want the best from our games. But if we can, we want to be able to appreciate our games in other ways. Some video game series have comics, or novels to help us delve deeper into their universes. But also, numerous developers and manufacturers make figurines of the characters of video games for players to own. These statues are often beautiful representations of the games and characters and are worth having…if you can afford them. Which brings us to Overwatch, which is almost breaking the bank with their latest reveal of a D.Va statue.

If you didn’t hear, Blizzard is continuing its line of Overwatch statue figurines. With the latest being D.Va and her mech suit (which you can see in full via the video below). However, despite the larger size, and obvious detail, not all fans are happy with this. In fact, some are crying foul. Not the least of which is because the statue is $450.

According to user DrScaphandre, the statue isn’t worth that for numerous reasons. He claims that the statue is made of the same materials as the other Overwatch statues. Plus, some of the colors on the mech suit aren’t accurate. Which brings him to his major point:

“So ignoring the fact that the statue is wrong, you also got to take into account that there are third party true hand crafted D.Va statues that got the colors right, and cost $45.”

Needless to say, $450 is a LOT to ask for a single statue, even one as large as this D.Va one. And though it’s not hard to admit it WILL sell, the question really is, how much will be sold? Though gamers are passionate, we’re not exactly rich, and many on the forum noted how even $150 (which is the standard price for the other statues) is a lot for them, so $450? That’s an incredible amount.

Do you think it’s worth it? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by GlyphMasterson

I am a writer, reader, dreamer, and believer that games and cartoons and comics aren’t a bad way to live. I am passionate about what I love, but do respect the opinions of others when they conflict with my own.

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