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CS:GO Player Disqualified From WESG For Three Year-Old VAC-Ban

Venatores have been disqualified from the CS:GO eSports event WESG after player Patryk “Patitek” Fabrowski was found to have a VAC-ban on one of his profiles. This Vault Anti-Cheat ban has cost the team their LAN-finalist spot in the European qualifier.

The disappointing aspect to this is that the team had managed to overcome, who were considered the best team in that particular region, before taking on Pride Gaming to punch their ticket to Barcelona. However, this VAC-ban is strictly against the rules for WESG.

VAC-banned players are unable to compete at WESG, and therefore the team has been suspended from the tournament. This also led to their results being annulled, with all matches in the Venatores bracket will be replayed, and Izako Boars are have been gifted a free win. As for the second spot from the WESG Poland qualifier, this will be contested by AGO Gaming and Tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Izako Boars, Check-Point Team, and Pride Gaming will all get a second bite of the cherry to earn themselves a ticket to the LAN-finals of the European qualifiers.

According to NeoGAF, who picked up some additional information from the CS:GO Reddit page, the player who has been banned was 15 years old at the time of the VAC-ban being issued, which was applied to an apparent smurf account. It seems a shame for Fabrowski to be banned for a mistake he made three years ago, with his career potentially being over before it has even started.

Written by Ham

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