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Crush Online Combines The MMORPG And The MOBA Genre!

Considering how many genres people are merging with the multiplayer online battle arena genre, I’m surprised no one ever made one in a persistent online world. Well, Crush Online is just that. And it’s quite unique, maybe a bit too unique for its own good.


Crush Online was quite an enjoyable, but also a confusing experience for me. I was drawn in by the graphics as soon as I saw them, as cel-shaded graphics are something we don’t see too often, and Crush Online’s graphics are colorful and vibrant, quite a treat for the eyes. Sounds, on the other hand, are really not up to par, especially considering the quality of the graphics, so I was left disappointed in that regard.


As soon as you get into the game, you choose one of the three factions that constantly fight for control, and then you pick your class(Saint is the support class, Punisher is the DPS, and Guardian is the Tank). Character customization is lacking, which is sad considering how much character customization other MMORPGs like Black Desert and Blade and Soul offer. After the tutorial missions, which were quite fluently implemented in the story of the game. But, quests after that get a bit confusing, especially when you find yourself teleported in the midst of a battle. It takes a while to get used to the game and how it handles the mix of MMORPG questing and dungeons with the PvP MOBA aspect.


Jewels are the premium currency of Crush Online, and even though you can earn them without spending real money on it, Jewels give you the ability to craft some pretty powerful gear, something the free2play players need to work hard to achieve.


The game is unique, but maybe a bit too unique. The MMORPG aspect fades away when you reach the late game, where it all comes down to the three-way faction warfare, but if you like that sort of thing, you’ll absolutely fall in love with Crush Online.

Written by Dante

Dante is a student, a writer, a gamer and a constructor of cleverly crafted words. His number one goal is to be the best version of himself, and he believes that writing about the games and sending his word to the world will help him achieve just that. He loves playing games like LoL, Hearthstone, Path of Exile, and DotA 2 when he has the time.

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