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Crowfall Unveils Character Creation Overhaul

In video games, when it comes to the protagonist that you are playing, there are usually a few types they can be. They can be either a fully-developed character, they can be a “silent protagonist” in which you see the story through their eyes, or there are player created characters that you choose how they look, sound, and even their story at times. For MMORPGs, character creation is a key part of the starting process, and Crowfall not only acknowledges that, they overhauled the process for their own title.

The Crowfall team have been working hard on updating various parts of their game, and they made a blog post to show off some of the changes that they did to the UI and character creation aspects of the game. The team admits that originally, their character creation process was very simple. But with all the advancements they’ve made in the game, they wanted to expand it. Now, when you create your character, there are three sections you’ll need to go through: Race & Class Selection, Appearance and Advantages & Disadvantages.

First up, you’ll get to decide what race you are in Crowfall. You’ll see all of your options on the left side. But then, depending on the race you choose, you’ll see the various classes you can be. You’ll get details on all so you can make the choice that’s best for you.

Naturally, you’ll need to settle upon your character’s appearance. Make changes to make them stand out and truly be yours. Finally, you’ll have to set the stats and abilities of your character. This will depend on your class and what you can fully do. However, if you do it wisely, you’ll have an incredibly gifted character from the get-go.

The process is still being fine-tuned, but you’ll see more of it as time goes on.

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