Crowfall is an MMORPG under development by ArtCraft, with a track record for rewarding its financial supporters with special access to the game. For example, the Crowfall team want to get some extra testing done on the Castle and City building system. To that end, if you are a part of the Beta 2 test group, or in a level above that, you will get one set of “woodland parcels.” This includes a woodland hills parcel, woodland grove parcel, and woodland creek parcel.

Now to be clear, these items are just “testing copies,” and are meant to see how they work in game and flesh out any bugs that might arise from them. What this also means is that once this particular test is over (or soon after that), they’ll be gone. You won’t be able to keep them during the alpha or when the game goes live. However, the team does want you to have fun with the parcels and see what you can do and create with them.

This should give testers an idea of what some of the features they can expect when Crowfall truly goes live. And if you don’t want to do take part in this round of testing, but know a tester who might, you can actually send them your parcels as a gift.


The Crowfall team also revealed why the last two weekend tests were canceled. Apparently, there were some game-breaking bugs that they found and knew the tests couldn’t go on with them in there. They also revealed that this is their fault, because they’re trying to add too much at once, and they aren’t debugging as quickly as they’re adding new features. That being said, they’ve dedicated this week to fixing all these bugs so this weekends test can go off without a hitch.

Check out our recent coverage on Crowfall’s new UI and HUD, and how the construction mechanics will work. For more information on the game, head over to their official website.


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