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Crowfall’s New UI Is Leaving “Prototype,” Heading to “Ship”

ArtCraft, the team behind the upcoming sandbox MMORPG Crowfall, released some updates this afternoon with a first look at the game’s new user interface. According to Design Lead Billy Garretsen, the new UI represents a shift on the development team from prototyping toward making the game ready to ship.

Crowfall’s User Interface

According to Garretsen, these sneak peaks are just the beginning of what the team has in store for fans and supporters of Crowfall. The UI is going to be an important part of the game, because this isn’t a typical MMORPG, where you choose a character that inhabits a server. In Crowfall, players can take part in various worlds, each filled with different campaigns, objectives, maps, and even rules for competition.

Garretsen points out that searching through these worlds for certain criteria needed to be easy and intuitive for players. This is an ongoing project that will be further developed as the team continues to work toward completing the game.


There are also some changes to the HUD players use once they enter one of the worlds. According to the post, these closer resemble what the team laid out oh-so-long ago when they were carried through their Kickstarter campaign on the shoulders of crowds chanting their name. In particular, they’ve revamped the tooltips so that they now show off the information they provide in a much clearer and more elegant fashion.


Garretsen finishes out the post by outlining some of the things the UI Design Team will be working on in the next few months. Topping the list is a new character sheet, and implementing some of the settings that already have a placeholder in the new UI. The team also plans to allow for some customization of the HUD, as well as revamping skill trees and improving video browsing.

ArtCraft shows their commitment to their fans, testers, and financial supporters, with regular updates on the progress of the game. Just last week, Associate Producer Max Lancaster showed off the game’s construction mechanics.

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