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Crowfall Details Current and Future Features of Eternal Kingdoms

The team behind Crowfall, ArtCraft, released an announcement yesterday detailing many of the features that players can currently experience with Eternal Kingdoms. They also give a bit of an overview into what players can expect from Eternal Kingdoms in the near future.

Crowfall Eternal Kingdoms

Eternal Kingdoms are the only permanent areas players can explore in Crowfall, an upcoming sandbox MMO with some rather innovative elements. The majority of the action will take place in Campaign Worlds, but these will periodically destroy themselves. Players can take their earnings in certain forms over to their own personal Eternal Kingdoms.


Currently, players can create and edit their Eternal Kingdoms with plenty of features. They can also invite others to join them in their Eternal Kingdoms, or uninvite anybody they want to get lost. Even in this early stage, players can edit and place buildings to create their own worlds.

Looking forward, the team will be integrating Eternal Kingdoms with Campaign Worlds through its interactive economy. It looks like this will include trade embargoes, and placement of personal chests. The goal is to allow the Eternal Kingdoms to become the center of this player-driven economy. Up next for the development team are features like allowing players to change the looting rules and taxes in their kingdoms. They also plan on a rather complex vassal system that will allow players to let others rule portions of their kingdom.

Crowfall is a very unique MMO with plenty of funding behind it. For full details on what the developers have in store in the near future, be sure to check out the original announcement on their website.

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