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Crossout Brings Witch Hunt Event

Crossout is a very special kind of MMO where you construct your own vehicle then try to survive the wastelands of the world you live in. Build the ultimate vehicle based on how you want to drive it, then take out anything and anyone that gets in your way. You might think that the game, being in beta, would skip out on trying to do holiday content, but you’d be wrong. They have officially announced a special event that’ll start right before Halloween: Witch Hunt.

Witch Hunt is a special new brawl mode that will start on the eve of Halloween. The way it’s played is simple. Someone on the map will get some balloons, and you need to take it from them. But you won’t have weapons to do it. Instead, you have to try and crash into them to steal the balloons. If you can hold onto the balloons long enough and get 100 points, you win.

But wait! There’s more! Crossout is also adding a new temporary resource to the game called “Hazardous Sweets.” This new currency can be bought and sold, as well as earned. If you want to get them the latter way, you’ll just need to win PvP matches. You’ll get one sweet for each victory. Or if you complete Daily Tasks, you can get them that way too.

So, what can you get for the sweets? Well, you’ll give the sweets to the Witch herself, Ivy, then she’ll give you a container that’ll have some special Halloween style parts for your car. We’re talking style like very special paint, a new grill that looks like teeth, special exhaust pipes, and much more. Oh, and you can put pumpkins on your car…cause why not?

This special event for Crossout will go on until November 9th.



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