The Crew Hits 5 Million Players

Glorious news for all The Crew fans out there. As the game just hit the number of 5 million players, developers wanted to share with all of us some...

The-Crew-BG1Glorious news for all The Crew fans out there. As the game just hit the number of 5 million players, developers wanted to share with all of us some fun facts we didn’t know about the game. They wanted to be funny about it so they gave us only 5 facts, as it seems 1 fact for each million.

First fact and we are already amazed. 

As it seems, the developers are walking the streets of the game as common pedestrians. Most of them have their doppelgangers in the game. How cool is that!? This definitely makes us care more for people walking around while we burn tires and drive like maniacs.

Fact number two!

Have you seen the movie The Birds from Hitchcock? Of course you did, who hasn’t. Well, if you remember the scene where birds attack students while they run for their lives, you also remember the school. If you go North of San Francisco, in Bodega bay the flock of crows screeching in front of the school will scare the hell out of you. Because the school looks exactly the same as one from The Birds.


The third one; Bigfoot, unicorns and UFOs.

All of them are real and are part of the world you are driving in. It’s really cool and fun to see something like that while you drive the race of your life. Although some of us already knew about that, but have in mind that we are dedicated explorers. Still a nice fact!

Snowmen are the fourth!

You probably noticed already that winter is always somewhere on the map, and if you look closely you’ll be able to see a few happy Snowmen up in the Rockies. They are really enjoying the snow so don’t be mean and go full throttle on them.


And finally, last but not least.

Fifth fun fact!

The magnificent Moby Dick, ladies and gentlemen. If you can spare a few minutes from racing, make your way to Cape Cod. After that head south and right there you’ll see a small pier.  There you can wait a few seconds and you’ll be able to see a magnificent whale jumping out and making a big splash.

For additional information and another great surprise visit this site!

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