The Creators of Metro Unveiled ARKTIKA.1 for Oculus Touch

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4A Games just announced their new, highly immersive VR shooter during the Oculus Connect keynote debut trailer.

From the creators of Metro 2033, Metro: Last Light, and Metro Redux, we’re getting a new version of the apocalypse, and it looks amazing. The game was announced at the Oculus Connect 3 keynote in San Jose. ARKTIKA. 1 is a highly immersive first person shooter jet packed with action and chaos and it’s being exclusively developed for the Oculus Touch. The game is being made in the newest version of the 4A Engine and it’s aiming for a Q2 2017 release.


You can expect some stellar graphics from the game, as it’s promising the most impressive visuals that you can experience in a VR game. Amazing world building and an excellent atmosphere are also expected from 4A Games, so you can already expect an amazing post-apocalyptic shooter, in VR!


Andriy Prokhorov, the co-founder and creative director at 4A Games, stated:

“At 4A Games, we pride ourselves on our ability to make immersive experiences, so creating ARKTIKA.1, a big, atmospheric VR shooter made a lot of sense”

“ARKTIKA.1 is a full-blown ААА title, and we’re employing all of our accumulated experience making high-quality shooters, and also using a lot of new opportunities provided only by VR. Oculus has allowed us to take the immersion to a whole new level, and it would have been a shame to miss such an opportunity.”


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