Cranium Conundrum Is A Puzzle Platformer That Takes Place In A Dream World That You Create

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Cranium Conundrum is an old-school looking physics-based puzzle platformer that takes place in the dream world that you yourself create! Now, the most interesting thing here is the dream world that you create and then play in. This is possible because of the game’s extensive level editor that allows you to play around with many gameplay features and physics-enabled blocks and materials, which will allow you to build your perfect puzzle platformer level!


There’s an early version of a Save/Load ¬†function, so you’ll be able to save and show your levels to your friends! You can also make levels together with up to 8 players in the multiplayer version of the level editor, which is a pretty neat feature.


Player customization is also included in this version of the game, but you can only change your characters skin color for know, but clothing options such as different head-ware, shirts and pants are also coming to the game later on. The Logic System is also implemented, and it allows ou to enable events and items using triggers that you placed in your level!


A quote from the developer:

I’m excited to share this early-access version with all of you and hope you enjoy testing and experimenting this current release. And I look forward to further interacting with the community and listening to feedback while further improving this game by adding new features and game modes in future updates!


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