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Crackdown 3 Trailer Shows Off Commander Jaxon

Crackdown 3 has been in development for a long time. The over-the-top game series has prided itself on making you feel like one of the most powerful beings in the universe. The first game really shocked players with how good it was, while the second was alright, but not exactly what people wanted. So with the third game, people were skeptical on how the title would truly top what the first two did. Well, we got our answer at E3 2017 when Terry Crews showed up and “welcomed us to The Agency.”

Yep, the master of the over-the-top promo was there in the trailer in full Crackdown 3 gear, and he told us exactly what we could expect. But, that left a big question, “Is Terry Crews a part of the game itself?” Well, that was a mystery, one that was solved at San Diego Comic Con during the Crackdown panel. Terry Crews will indeed be playing Commander Jaxon in the game, and even brought a trailer of his character model to prove it.

The likeness of the model is very close to Crews, which just goes to show how much game technology has evolved over the years. And the team behind the game said that Crews will be at his “over-the-top best” and thus will be saying some very crazy things, which makes him someone you want to be close to at all times.

But for those who are hoping for an actual plot to the game, fear not, for Crackdown 3 does have that. Apparently, a new threat has come to the world, one that uses a form of “elemental warfare” that has never been seen before. Striking at the hearts of cities, people are afraid, and they look to The Agency to help save them.

Crackdown 3, complete with Terry Crews, is coming to Xbox One on November 7th.

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