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Crackdown 3 to Add More Shine Before Release

We’ve been treated to some more Crackdown 3 info since E3 2017, or at least more of an idea of what its going to look like. This appeared to be an issue for quite a few fans, who seemed to be disappointed with the game’s visuals, plus the lack of the previously promised cloud-based destruction.

Fear not, Crackdown fans. Between now and its release on November 7th, along with the launch of the Xbox One X console, there is more polish to be added to the highly anticipated sequel. Following the rather mixed reception from a gameplay video that emerged recently, community manager Rukari Austin took to Reddit to alleviate some of those fears that some fans have been having, stating:

Still lots of work to be done, as well. Sure, you get to play the years of development card, but so much shine (not literal) is added in the last few months. Really incredible to watch, but your concerns are heard and understood from our end.

Rukari also stated that they have heard the cries of the many wanting the two previous Crackdown games becoming backwards compatible, and that the Crackdown 3 developers want it to happen just as much. Hopefully this is something that will be happening soon, giving us enough time to get a quick nostalgic fix before the new game arrives.

Are you looking forward to the release of Crackdown 3? What are your thoughts on the game’s visuals so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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