Cosplay Showcase – Final Fantasy VII

Welcome to our first Cosplay Showcase, where we will be shining the spotlight on the finest cosplayers from all around the gaming world. We start off with our first...
Credit: Simply Photography

Welcome to our first Cosplay Showcase, where we will be shining the spotlight on the finest cosplayers from all around the gaming world. We start off with our first featured artist Marc Cummins, portraying Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII.

Credit: Senpais Media

Hailing from London, Marc has shared with us these epic portrayals of Final Fantasy VII protagonist Cloud Strife. When quizzed as to why he decided to portray Cloud, Marc replied: “So final fantasy vii was, like many, my first experience with the Final Fantasy franchise. As such, it will always hold a special place in my heart as it opened up a whole new world of games to me. However, it’s not my favourite because it was my first, it was my favourite because of the story. Cloud, was imperfect, selfish and a loner. Throughout the game you see him evolve into a totally different character and battle not only the fact his memories didn’t all belong to him, but his hero Sephiroth.”

Credit: Senpais Media

“In other games like Crisis core we get to see who Cloud was and in Advent Children we see small glimpses of that near the end. Because of this, Cloud was my first and currently only cosplay. Like the game, I feel my cosplay of him has evolved and become better with time and the help of those around me. When I first started I was so nervous and the cosplay was so basic and not very well thought out. However, after just a year, it is becoming recognizable to the character. There’s still a long way to go, (currently I am working on the fifth wig) but I’m very proud of how this is turning out.”

Credit: Tecu Photography





Clearly a talented cosplayer, we asked if Marc would be interested in cosplaying any other characters. However, it appears for the time being that Cloud will be his sole focus: “I may cosplay another character in the future but until this is perfect and I find another character with this much meaning to me, Cloud will be my only cosplay.”

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the character, Cloud Strife is the main protagonist from Final Fantasy VII, and considered one of the most recognized characters in the RPG series. Cloud appeared in spin-offs such as Crisis-Core, Dirge of Cerebus as well as cameo appearances in series including Super Smash Bros, Kingdom Hearts and Puzzles & Dragons.

If you’re a fellow cosplay artist and would like to be featured here on MMOExaminer, feel free to contact us at, with your photos, information and photography credits.

Credit: Simply Photography


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