Last year’s Comic Con in Tokyo went down a storm in the Japanese capital city, as the convention made its debut in the country. The video below presents a look back on all the action from Tokyo Comic Con 2016.

This was the year that brought the world’s largest pop culture event to Japan, as the comic convention landed for the first time for a new audience and familiar fans from the west, including style paintings, comics, games and much more was on display. This was also a year where VR technology was a hot topic, and was too well showcased at the event. There was a rich air of excitement around TCC, and this was only exacerbated by the wealth of talented cosplay on show. With Steadicams and outrageous outfits galore in attendance, practically every aspect of pop culture was on show. Everything from movies, video games, comic books, manga, anime and much more were on display.

In particular, there was plentiful Marvel cosplay doing the rounds, with the likes of Spider-Man, Deadpool and X-Men, and a pivotal moment of the event with the appearance of the legendary Stan Lee. . Video games were well represented too, with several artists choosing to cosplay characters from franchises such as Resident Evil, The Legend of Zelda, Portal and many others.

There are a number of similar event on the calendar in Japan, but this was the first time its audience was able to witness what was established in the United States many years ago. May Tokyo Comic Con continue in years to come, and continue to impress with the cosplay it has to offer.




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