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Correcting NieR: Automata Fullscreen Resolution Problems

Since its recent release, the action RPG NieR: Automata cannot run on a monitor’s native resolution in fullscreen mode. It will render at a selected resolution and downscale to the nearest supported resolution that isn’t the monitor’s native aspect ration. But there is a solution. One active member of the Steam modding community, Kaldaien, has created a fix.  Kaldaien has also fixed performance issues on Tales of Symphonia and shadowing in Tales of Berseria. Stability issues of with Tales of Zestria have been corrected. He’s even worked on problems with larger titles. These titles include Final Fantasy X / X-2: HD Remaster, Dark Souls III, and Batman Arkham Night.

The file needed to correct it, can be downloaded from this Reddit post, from the NieR: Automata subreddit and then placed in the game’s install directory. Once booted, a diagnostic tool will appear, hit CTRL + SHIFT + O and it’ll stay gone even after you restart. A few more files are needed for versions of Windows before 8.1, but they can also be found on the Reddit post. Being able to run the game in full screen at the desired resolution wards of the performance hit that the game engine takes in windowed mode. Reddit users have verified it works and some appear to be making before and after comparison galleries. However, none are posted at this time.

For those worried about the mod interfering with a later official fix by Platinum Games, removing the mod just takes deleting the file “dxgi.dll” from your game’s install folder. The post also includes instructions on how to adapt the ReShade mod to work in conjunction with this. Additionally, here is another mod that allows for DualShock 4 button prompts as opposed to Xbox One prompts. This mod was mentioned on r/TwoBestFriendsPlay where the original post was shared.

Written by Caraline Nelson

Caraline Nelson is a Symmetra main who occasionally caves and plays healer. She finds herself watching e-sports and writing about games she loves. From quaint delightful indies to massive, open world MMOs, she enjoys a bit of everything. And like every good gamer she has more titles than she can possibly play through on her Steam account.

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