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Conan Exiles Gets Exploration And Climbing Expansion

Conan Exiles is an MMORPG that is currently in Early Access on Steam. The intent of the game is to deliver a truly epic game set in the realm of Hyberion. But also, they want to give fans what they truly want by having them test out the game early and give ideas to the team on what to focus on next. To prove this, the team has released a major update/expansion for the game, one that greatly enhances the moment-to-moment gameplay. For now, exploration and traversing terrain has just gotten a whole lot better.

First off, players in the world will now be able to climb just about anything that is worth climbing in Conan Exiles. That’s right, you can climb up buildings, go up trees, rise to the very tops of the mountains you see, it’s your call. Just go and climb. This mechanic has been likened to what The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild does, and it was the team itself who said that, so you should have an idea of the freedom you have been given.

Adding to this interesting mechanic is the fact that you can actually defend against climbers too, giving a nice counter to those who don’t want climbers to invade their fort/city/home.

Another big addition is the exploration aspect. Now, you’ll have an easier time finding things on your map that have been dubbed as something of interest. Which will make wandering something only you will decide to do. Furthermore, you’ll now be able to place markers on your map so that you can remember where certain places are, or places you want to go to eventually.

There have been some other tweaks to the game, including Unreal Engine 4.15 being upgraded, but it all adds to the same thing, Conan Exiles being a much bigger, and much deeper, title.

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