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Conan Exiles – The Frozen North Is Available Now

For those who have been enjoying Conan Exiles, you now have something that’ll very likely help you enjoy it even more. Both the PC and Xbox One versions of the game have just gotten The Frozen North expansion. As the title implies, the game now has a massive northern section for you to explore, one that takes you into the cold of the mountains, and threatens to bury you in snow. But if you’re able to survive, you’ll find many new adventures waiting for you in there.

The dev team have created a fresh new biome for you, but surviving there won’t be easy. Part of The Frozen North expansion is that there’s an all-new temperature system that’ll show how your body is adjusting to the climate around you, or more accurately NOT adjusting to the climate around you. If you want to take on the cold of the north, be sure you’re prepared to not freeze to death.

And of course, you’re going to need shelter in the north. Use new resources like Black Ice in order to craft a home for you to rest in and protect yourself from the elements until you are ready to move on once again.

Make no mistake though, while the weather of the north is your enemy, it will not be the only one. There are new monsters, new threats, and new gods that you will have to contend with. And as such, Conan Exiles will provide you with new weapons, new armors, and new ways to build yourself up as a warrior.

In addition, the expansion brings new quests to go on, new dungeons to explore, and new items. And it’s available now.

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