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Conan Exiles Drops 7th Week Of Q&A

Conan Exiles is still in early development, but is soon going to be expanding to beyond the PC and heading to the Xbox One. With it comes a big expansion that will bring many new things. Naturally, between this and current content, fans of the MMORPG will have a lot of questions. Thankfully, the team behind the game do a weekly Q&A to answer these questions, and more. Week 7 of these Q&As has happened, and here are the highlights.

First off, with the new area comes the big question of “will there be new creatures?” And the answer is yes, there will be. Also, none of these creatures will have the OP skill of Cripple that is in the hyenas and spiders of the game. The team apologizes for that skill’s power.

Diving into the brutality of Conan Exiles, Fatalities are indeed coming to the game, and when they’re in, they’ll likely have special animations to accompany them. The team notes that they want to be sure they focus on the combat when it comes to these deadly blows, because not everything should be a fatality. It should truly be an ending blow, not a random “I hit you and you die” kind of thing. They don’t want that.

Questions about the size of the lands were brought up. The game was touted as having a 50-kilometer area to roam. So with the new biome coming, where does that leave us? Well, according to the team, the current one is 16KM and the new one is 12KM. Plus, the team notes that the whole map is now actually 64KM, but they aren’t ready to unveil more of it just yet.

Finally, there’s a small hair glitch in the game where the hair will “go Super Saiyan” when exposed to fire at night. Sadly, that’s getting fixed.

Be sure to check out the full Q&A to hear all the answers to all the questions, and be ready for Conan Exiles next expansion on August 16th.

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