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Conan Exiles To Come To Xbox One X

With E3 in full swing, the gaming world is reacting to many pieces of news, and for those who knew about the news ahead of time, they’re slowly coming out of the woodwork to reveal their collaboration projects for various systems. The big “console reveal” was of course the Xbox One X, which boasts 4K resolution and the title of “the most powerful console ever made.” Well, that was enough to impress the team behind the MMORPG Conan Exiles, because they have revealed that their title will be coming to the system at a later date.

Now, the game will also be coming to the Xbox One family of consoles as well, with the first preview of the game (the beta basically) coming on August 16th. This preview will include everything that the PC version of the game has had so far, as will receive updates alongside it for as long as the preview is there. And it’s a good thing, because a massive expansion is coming.

Also on August 16th, Conan Exiles will be expanded, as new lands and areas will be put into the game. The team notes that this expansion will add to the games land mass by 50%. The best part is that for anyone’s who has bought Conan exiles, this expansion will be completely free. Or, if you buy the game after the expansion launches, it’ll be included in your game purchase.

If you wish to see developer Funcom talk about Conan Exiles at E3, and talk about what bringing the game to Xbox One and Xbox One X means, then you should check in with the livestream from the show today, as they’ll be doing just that.

So, with an all-new area, some new platforms, and some good changes on the horizon, it’s clear Conan Exiles is doing quite well, don’t you think?

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