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Compete in Summoners War at Mobile Masters Invitational 2017

Com2us has announced, in conjunction with Amazon, that their hit mobile ARPG Summoners War will be one of only three events included in the upcoming tournament, the Mobile Masters Invitational 2017. Eight players will compete to earn the title of champion and the lion’s share of a US $25,000 prize pool.

Summoners War at Mobile Masters Invitational 2017

Hosted by the Amazon Appstore, the Mobile Masters Invitational 2017 will feature Summoners War, as well as Vainglory and Hearthstone. The event will mark the debut of competitive Summoners War gameplay in the West. Previously, the game saw a competitive tournament in Seoul, South Korea this past April. According to the press release from Com2us, the event attracted around 600 fans live, but was also broadcast via OGN.

The event is set to take place on June 24th at the Prudential Center in New Jersey, and will also stream live via Twitch. For those already familiar with the game, there will be casting and in-depth analysis running alongside the competitive matches. For others, there will also be informative and instructional videos on what Summoners War is, and how to play.

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The eight combatants will be selected from a group of the highest skilled players and community influencers in the game. Aside from the main competitive matches, there will be a second chance contest in the form of the speed running segment, “The Revival Challenge: Dungeon Run.”

Summoners War recently gained attention when it was announced that a full MMORPG spin off was under development. The title has already gained considerable traction in the mobile market, and now Com2us is looking toward the growing mobile esports market with their entry in the Mobile Masters Invitational 2017.


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