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Company Of Heroes Gets Major Modding Update

What makes a game successful isn’t just whether people buy it (though that certainly helps), what sometimes matters the most is whether players stick with it, also known as the game’s retention rate. If they buy it, hate it, and then don’t play it again, the game won’t do as well as you might think. But if they get it, love it, and continue to play it for days, weeks, months, and years on end, then the game will never truly die. That is truly what has happened with Company of Heroes. This real-time strategy game has been going strong for ten years, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping.

The game is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and as the team behind it are all too happy to note, players are still going at it in it. It’s a testament to the game that players are still willing to play it more than other games on the market, especially ones that take advantage of newer technology.

Company Of Heroes

To reward its players for their loyalty, Company of Heroes is getting a big update on Steam. The game is now being outfitted with Steam Workshop, which will allow players to create their own mods for the title. It’s also getting all-new Steam Trading Cards to collect!

As if that wasn’t enough, players will get The Eastern Front Mod, which brings the Germans and Russians into the fight from Company of Heroes 2. Finally, from now until June 5th, everything that is Company of Heroes, from the games to the expansions, are going to be 75% off. And the Company of Heroes 2 DLC will be 66% off. So if you’re part of the group that made this game a hit from then until now, this is the developer’s way of saying thank you. So go and get your reward and keep on playing.

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