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Colorblind Player Not Happy With Overwatch’s Colorblind Mode

One of the sad truths about life is that not everyone has the same health status as others, some people are blind, some are deaf, and some have impediments like being colorblind. This can make life difficult in numerous ways, and that includes playing video games. Thankfully developers like Blizzard have take the time to make certain modes which can help with some of these health issues. Yet, in Overwatch, one player is saying that one of the modes designed to help is actually a hindrance.

This comes from Redditor self.Overwatch, who himself is colorblind. Or more specifically, he has Protanopia, which makes it so he can see no shade of red in anything. Now, he fully admits that because certain games have a Colorblind Mode (which helps augment the colors so that they can see everything on screen), he can play video games fine, with the exception of Overwatch, because in their Colorblind Mode that is meant to counter his illness, it does this:

“Colorblind Mode Protanopia changes from the normal Red Enemy highlight, to Pink. And the light blue friendly to a seemingly weird green/blue.”


As he notes, that’s a very serious problem, because Pink is an offshoot of Red, which he has no ability to see. Therefore, when he plays Overwatch, a lot of things are invisible to him, despite being in the “better” mode for him. Just as worse, when he tries out the other two colorblind modes, the colors are just as bad, so he truly can’t see everything that’s going on in the game, and that makes it near impossible for him to play it.

To him, as well as other Redditors, it doesn’t make sense why Blizzard did the mode like this. And they’re asking that Blizzard fixes it, and soon, so that they can enjoy their game.


Written by GlyphMasterson

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