Closed Beta Date Announced for Dragon Ball FighterZ

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Signups for the closed beta for Dragon Ball FighterZ have been announced at EVO 2017, which will open on July 26th.

EVO 2017 was a promising event for the highly anticipated release, following the announcement of Trunks being added to the roster of characters for the game. The YouTube video below provides an insight into what Trunks brings to the stage, as he smashes his way through those who dare to challenge him.

The EVO 2017 event also save the announcement of the Dragon Ball FighterZ closed beta, which will be available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The beat will feature nine playable and familiar characters for fans to do battle with.

Dragon Ball FighterZ presents the latest video game entry in the immensely popular franchise. The gameplay mechanics showcase a mix of different fighting games, mainly from the critically acclaimed Marvel vs. Capcom franchise. Players choose three characters to form a team, taking control of one character, with the other two to be switched to when needed. The other characters chosen by the player can also provide aid with an Assist move, which hits a simultaneous attack or combo using each member of the team. The player is pronounced victorious once all the opposition characters have been defeated.

A release date is still a bit of a way off for Dragon Ball FighterZ, with the game set to launch sometime in early 2018. Be sure to register for the closed beta when it opens on 26th July, with further information about the game to be release soon.

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