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Is the Clockwork Update Enough to Come Back to We Happy Few?

First things first, this discussion is going to need a disclaimer of sorts, in that Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few is by no means finished as of this time, so there is still plenty of time for further improvement. Acknowledging that, the developers implemented the Clockwork Update recently, bringing a whole host of improvements to the game.

A bit of background first however before we take a look at the effects of the Clockwork update. When We Happy Few first unveiled itself to the world, anticipation was pretty high. From the little footage we saw at E3, it looked like a first-person action/horror kind of hybrid with a disturbing English twist, with some even dubbing the game the British Bioshock.

Alas, this wasn’t to be when We Happy Few hit the Preview Program and Early Access in 2016. After playing through the previously seen prologue, We Happy Few turned out to be a completely different beast; a procedurally generated survival game with an absolute catalog of issues. Given that it was and still is in early access, any problems should be forgiven, since its in such an early stage of development.

Even so, this thing was pretty darn broken when it first hit the Preview Program. Map markers for quests were inaccurate, talking to NPCs was often an awkward situation when they’re randomly barking at a brick wall. There was even a game-breaking issue that I experienced first hand, in which an NPC I needed to talk to in order to complete the main quest of the preview was killed by chasing enemies mid-conversation. Very frustrating indeed.

Still, the Clockwork update has brought plentiful improvements to fix some of the key issues that We Happy Few was suffering from. This includes solving the issue I suffered from with the NPC by introducing a conversation mode interaction, where in a nutshell NPCs can no longer be affected by outside interference. A brand new intro shelter has also been put in, expanding the tutorial area to ease you into the game a lot more than before. The Clockwork update also offers up a far more streamlined quest system, improving upon previous scripts and encounters whilst giving themselves the ablity to fix anything should something go wrong.

When We Happy Few first became available under the Preview Program and Early Access, it came under criticism for reasons that can’t really be fixed. This is because of expectations from the very little footage being displayed to the release of the preview, only discovering what the game was really all about when it hit early access. Sure, the majority of bugs that hindered We Happy Few were fixed by the recent Clockwork update, but is it really enough to make players want to return to the game?

We Happy Few was criticised for its unsatisfying combat and overall predictability, not to mention the constant need to eat, drink and sleep during your short time with the game. A lot of people felt that the trailer showcased at E3 and what the actual game turned out to be were just too far apart, and for that reason it may be difficult to persuade that particular group to come back even with this improved update.

From my point of view, the improvements fix the main issues of the game. My advice would be to wait for the full release of the game to prevent any further disappointment, since its previous gameplay bugs were a prime example of kicking a man whilst he’s already down. The update doesn’t nor did it ever intend to change the core survival, procedurally generated elements of We Happy Few, and despite the smoother gameplay being implemented, the feeling still lingers of what might’ve been when imaginations were running wild after the initial reveal. If the overall gameplay issues were your biggest gripe, then it is worth making a return to the Garden District to see what’s what. But it doesn’t change itself to meet the first impressions and expectations of some.

Are you enjoying We Happy Few so far? Let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. I bought the game when it first showed up in the Xbox store, being a fan of rpgs I immediately had to have this game, after beating it or at least getting to he part that dosnt work I felt a little robbed but also wanting more, aside from lack of story line bugs and honestly not real knowing who the main character or the brother thing is, we happy few is an amazing game and I am glad I spent my money to support a work in progress that once finished will be an all time great. As far as player feedback goes I must say that there should be a respawn or restock system because once you loot somthing the countainer remains empty for ever making making it very hard to get the things you need to live, you find yourself traveling great distance away from your quest area just to find a rotten apple to eat so there should be a reacuring loot generator to fix that, also after your newest update I find the game less creepy in a bad way, I really enjoyed being horrified by the mobs of people but now it’s different, all in all try making the feel of the game less depressing and more creepy and lonely like only you are sane in an insane drug twisted world, also I love the animations of bobbies when they snatch the bottle of alcohol from you with that grin it’s pretty great, and at the risk of the dynamics of your game changing maybe add in a gun or somthing like a pistol or rifle, and I think it would add to the games character if there were more references of ww2 and the nazis maybe have people speak of them like a monster story seeing as how they are responsible for the destroyed cities and what not, also that crashed v2 rocket I think it was was a nice tauch

    Mason on January 8 | Reply
  2. Amazing game so far… I just completed it and Im really looking forward to full release

    Rocky on January 16 | Reply