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Chronicle: Runescape Legends Available Now On Steam

Jagex’s innovative CCG, Chronicle: Runescape Legends, is now available on Steam. Chronicle is based upon the Runescape 3 universe, but can be enjoyed by anyone that isn’t familiar with its lore. What sets Chronicle apart from other card games is its unique gameplay.

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The goal of Chronicle is to construct the most epic and rewarding quest for your legend, while hindering the opposing legend. Building a quest is done by playing cards, which come in two types: creatures and supports.

Each creature has an attack and health value, along with any abilities or rewards when slain. Creature mechanics in Chronicle are unique because your legend is the one that must defeat the creatures you play. Therefore, when constructing a deck, you should include creatures that you intend on slaying. Support cards include everything that isn’t a creature, such as NPCs and items. Each support card has an associated gold cost to activate, and have differing effects, ranging from stealing resources to healing your legend.

Players act simultaneously every turn, or Chapter, as it’s called in Chronicle. A total of five Chapters exist. Each player may play up to four cards per Chapter, and the cards take turns resolving. If both legends are alive at the end of Chapter 5, then the two legends battle until one falls.

View the Steam launch trailer for an overview of everything you can expect from Chronicle:

If you’re looking for a unique approach to the TCG/CCG genre, give Chronicle: Runescape Legends a shot by downloading it on Steam.

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