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Chronicles Of Elyria Preps For PAX West In Update

Chronicles of Elyria is a very different kind of MMORPG, mainly in that time itself really does matter in the game. Time affects the world, time affects what happens at certain times, and time affects how your player looks. You age in the game, you grow older, and eventually, you will die. And just as important, you have to earn everything in this game, it won’t be handed to you. Which is kind of what the development team goes through while making the game.

They’ve been working hard to make Chronicles of Elyria, but they also want to keep players informed of what’s going on. And so the team let out another update that talks about what’s coming up for them. Mainly, PAX West. Now, as the team notes on their page, showing off an MMO like theirs isn’t easy. I mean, PAX and other events like this is often about showing demos, clips of gameplay. How do you do that for something like Elyria?

Chronicles of Elyria

The answer is you show them a gameplay feature that’s fun, but not exactly vital. In this case, that means Jousting. If you’re at PAX West you’ll get to see the games Jousting matches (which will be available when Chronicles of Elyria launches) and partake in them. It’ll definitely be a unique experience.

Once the demo was agreed upon, the teams immediately went to work to make it all real, and that’s a multi-layered process. They had to build the battleground in The Tiltyard Vanguards. Which is a massive and beautiful looking area. They had to create the armor for the knights, the weapons, the decals, they had to refine the animations of the Jousting process, etc. It’s a big thing, but it’s something that’s coming together, and soon, it’ll be ready for PAX West.

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