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Check Out RefRain -prism memories-: An Epic Casual Cyberpunk Newcomer!

RefRain is an action-packed cyberpunk shoot ’em up title that has just arrived on Steam. Let’s see what this game is all about.

Developed by RebRank, RefRain -prism memories- is a fast-paced sci-fi and anime themed game where one jumps into a digital hostile world. While blasting through endless foes, you discover a story told by three heroines and five so-called Central Keepers. You take control of three different ships that come with unique attacks.


Each of the heroines has their own reasons to reach the central core of M.R.S., but a fierce battle lies in wait with the Central Keepers on each layer of the network.And waiting in the deepest recesses of M.R.S. is…

RefRain is now available for purchase on Steam for roughly $12 and it is also possible to purchase the original soundtrack for an additional $4.5. Let’s take a look at the game’s original introductory trailer to get an idea what the game actually looks like.


Written by Daniel Csaki

Daniel, Founder of MMOExaminer, is an experienced gaming and tech journalist with a Bachelor in Communication and Journalism. Beyond his dedication to writing, he is an eager MMORPG enthusiast and a regular keyboard-smasher. When not writing, you can spot him in MMOs like Aion, ArcheAge, APB and he tends to suffer from the well-known “with or without you” WoW relationship. Besides MMO games, Daniel loves playing retro RPGs with his fiancée.

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