Chapter 3 of Half-Life: A Place in the West Comic Out Now

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The long awaited third chapter of the Half-Life: A Place in the West comic is now available exclusively through Steam.

The comics origins stem from a fan project originally, before eventually being picked up for a license by Valve, which has in turn attracted a massive following since it debuted three years ago. It launched officially on Steam last September, with the first two Chapters taking the series to a new heights of popularity. Chapter 3: The Pit looks to continue this trend, as the adventures of Leyla Poirier and Albert Kempinski roll on further into New Franklin.

Co-creator and writer Ross Joseph Gardner stated in a recent press release:

“The Pit is a culmination of everything we learned from the first two chapters. At a total of 30 pages, the condensed narrative is sleeker, much more focused, and really aims to bring the city to life.”

The latest chapter offers readers an introduction to a number of new characters, who make up the surrounding community of the alien inhabited pit. This attracts the entire city to the its center which features a gladiatorial arena, where enemies from Half-Life face-off in a chaotic blood sport.

So its probably not the Half-Life news that many would be hoping for, with the elusive sequel remaining nothing more than a running joke to tease its fanbase. Still, its exciting news for the many that have been attracted to the IP’s comic series.

Half-Life: A Place in the West – Chapter 3: The Pit is now available for $1.99/£1.49 via Steam.

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