I may well be in a minority here, but I have become somewhat of an achievement hunter in recent months. So much so that its seen me revisiting old games that I don’t necessarily care for anymore just to rack up my score. As an Overwatch fan, the whole achievement hunting business is proving to be quite a challenge.

There are some rather difficult ones to get a hold of, even more so when a limited time seasonal event comes around with unique achievements that must be acquired before it disappears as quickly as it came around.

It may seem time-consuming, but its understandable as to why that’s the case, given that its an additional incentive to put as many hours as possible into the popular Blizzard shooter. On the flip side, it doesn’t appear as if I am alone in my plight, with Battle.net user Blues1990 posting their own issue with the system:

“The entire achievement system needs a full overhaul. The requirements for many of the character-specific ones (such as Reaper’s “Waste Not, Want Not” or Winston’s “Minesweeper”) are outdated and are currently frustrating to obtain.”

Its easy to see where Blues1990 is coming from, especially with Reaper’s Wraithform alterations playing a big part in that particular achievement. Missing out on seasonal achievements is a particular gripe, and a number of individual hero achievements would simply take too long, especially if you are playing alone. Major props to all those dedicated players who have gathered the majority of them so far!

Should Blizzard make achievements easier to obtain? Or should we focus on putting more hours into obtaining them? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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