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Celebration of Lliira Returns to Neverwinter

Neverwinter is never shy of bringing forth a celebration or two to commemorate special occasions to those who dwell around the Protector’s Enclave ready to set out on whichever adventure they choose.

Its that time again for players to come together to set off fireworks in honor of the Goddess of Joy with the Celebration of Lliira returning to the free-to-play MMORPG. Starting today, players will be celebrating freedom, liberty and paying homage to Lliira by lighting up the sky and setting out on daily quests. Those who choose to participated will be rewarded with Tokens of Lliira’s Favor to be swapped for a selection of items in the event store.

The festivities begin today at 7:30AM PT or following maintenance, before hitting consoles at 10AM PT. This is set to run through to Wednesday, July 5th at the same times as they started on their respective platforms.

The celebration takes place at Protector’s Enclave, where players an also take part in the “Light up the Night” Zone Contest. This will get underway every half an hour, both on the hour and half past, in which players will be tasked in loading the firework podium with as many fireworks as possible in the space of 10 minutes, which is followed by an eye-catching display for all to see.

For more information on this event, including a full list of what rewards are on offer such as mounts, attire and more, then head over to the official Arc Games website for a full comprehensive list of festivities.

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