Hearthstone: Five Cards We’ll Miss Dearly

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by Mustapha R. Price

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft will be going through its new standard cycle before long, and it’s time for us to think about what important cards are going to be leaving the meta. Some of the biggest cards in the game are from The Grand Tournament and Blackrock Mountain, so maybe it’s time to take a real look at what cards we’ll be missing. Here are the top five cards we’ll be missing next Standard Cycle.

5) Chromagguschro

Of all the legendary minions from these expansions, this one might be one of the best for setting up some crazy one-turn kills. I still put Chromaggus in most of my decks, and I completed Blackrock Mountain last year.

4) Tuskarr Totemic

tuskarrThis card probably would have gotten much higher on the list if not for its recent nerf. The synergy with Brann Bronzebeard allowed you to sometimes summon two Totem Golems in one swing. Now that it only summons basic totems, it is still good for synergy with cards like Thing From Below and other Totem Dependent cards. That being said, this is a card that I got a lot of use out of, being a huge fan of Evolve Shaman.

                    3) Grim Patronpatron

I know that this card suffered a tragic fate at the hands of Warsong Commander’s nerf. Still, those of us who tend to stick to standard are going to miss hearing that signature “Hey, everyone” when patron duplicates itself. This card used to spread like wildfire, influencing the tide of matches in a major way.

emperor-thaurissan-card                        2) Emperor Thaurissan

I’ve written an entire article about this card, so his spot on the list shouldn’t surprise you. That being said, Emperor Thaurissan is going to eliminate some of the game’s greatest combos. The OTK deck will likely see its end at the hand of this card’s removal. Druid decks, Mage decks, and major Warrior decks will start to see a sharp decline. It is truly tragic.nsk

                        1) North Sea Kraken

This card was very important to a lot of control decks. Even though the climate of Hearthstone has become more Aggro, the game did tend to lend itself to more control style back when this card was at its prime. I still run it in most Warrior decks.

Hopefully whatever expansions come next will be able to fill the void that these five beauties are going to leave in Standard play.

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