Capcom Teases Project Palm

Yasin Price
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There’s been a lot of buzz around Capcom lately seeing as their game Dragon’s Dogma was just released on PC despite being released for four years, which fans were pleased with. However Capcom decided to take it a step further and did something that was shocking to tons of people.They released a teaser website for a game called “Project Palm”.

FUCJA7UJTmYpvTJYa3gkbW-650-80So far there’s been a ton of speculation as to what it is, but most people are shifting towards thinking it’s somehow related to Dragon’s Dogma. Though almost all of the website is in Japanese they had a date on there that read August 2nd(which is probably when they’ll release more details on the title). In the meantime they’ve left a number of clues for fans to make this assumption.

First off, fans of the game will remember that most characters had glowing scars on the palms of their hands. The picture below is something similar that can be seen on Project Palm’s website. They also released a video starring one of the main voice actors in the game (in Japanese) speaking of his previous work.

Fans do seem to be excited about this and have done a ton of speculation but we can’t expect to hear anything official until Tuesday.

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