Capcom Announces Complete Releases In the Future

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Street fighter V was released 3 months ago (February 2016) and we loved it. But, there was a problem. A big one! The game came out half-done. It lacked proper arcade mode, story mode was nowhere to be found and even the best-of-three versus mode against CPU was missing. Many hardcore fans shared our concern about Capcom’s new way of business. And the final result was the flood of negative feedback on Steam.

Fortunately, Capcom saw what they did and made an announcement via GameSpot that, in the future releases, they will focus on developing complete series at the risk of making some adjustments with scheduling. And, it seems that sales will be the secondary target

There is also a talk about making Street Fighter V part of eSports scene. To be 100% honest, Capcom needs all their fans to achieve that, so let’s just hope they will come back after this setback.

“ESports is gaining a lot of attention as a new business opportunity, however we are still in the early stages of our initiatives here and at this point do not have something we can share. For the time being, we will aim to establish a place within the fighting game genre for eSports via actively utilizing “Street Fighter V”.”

On the other hand, the financial statistics show a great fall for this game giant regarding Street Fighter V in the first month of release, and not to mention Capcom’s third quarter report for the current year, which was definitely something that made them think about future development.

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