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Mustapha R. Price
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I’ve written quite a bit about Furi ever since it was released as a PlayStation Plus game, and for some reason, I just can’t stop thinking about that game. It’s probably got a lot to do with the game’s stellar soundtrack. Can’t get it out of my head. Still, there’s so much to the game’s design that I consider to be genuinely revolutionary. I’m going to take it from the top.

furi_009The best thing about Furi is that the difficulty of the bosses doesn’t seem to be in ascending order. Each boss has strong-suits based on the character, their position in the story, and even to some capacity, their age. The central parts of the prison are interesting. The Chain, who is the first barrier of defense is obviously not as strong as the others. He’s still very dedicated to taking you down, and fights with a stability and poise seldom seen in someone so temperamental.

Then you fight the second boss, who is just out of her mind. Her style is erratic, throwing caution to the wind for the sake of mindless throwdowns. Then you fight The Line, who is really old and interestingly enough, one of the most difficult fights in the game. Why wouldn’t he be? He’s a master of time, and he’s like a thousand years old!

The other hardest boss in the game is the sniper. She has a near perfect record. The character they describe would be able to take you down in one hit. That fight is tedious, and I genuinely hate it, but from a narrative perspective, it’s brilliant.

Then you fight The Beat. She’s weak and dependent on makeshift gadgets. She’s the youngest guardian, and is just not prepared to fight you. It’s incredible how they weave in these design elements so seamlessly!

I think I made my point. Furi is great, and it’s available on PC and PS4, so please give it a try!

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