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You Can Now Get A Star Wars Turntable

That’s right, you read that right, a Star Wars Turntable. Trust us, this isn’t as crazy as you might think, there is a purpose to this. This whole thing starts and ends with Crosley Radio, who is a leading brand in the world of audio, and they’re always looking to please fans by making something cool or unique. Well, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, and the 10th annual Record Store Day, they’ve decided to make…you guessed it…a Star Wars turntable.

Now, this will be a limited time offer, and by that we mean it’ll be available for one day, April 22nd. And, it’ll only be available at certain independent record stores, so you’ll need to check out if they’ll be getting any. But, if you are able to get it, you’ll have something very unique.

“Star Wars has been and will continue to be a staple in the entertainment industry that all generations love, making it an obvious choice for the theme of this year’s only turntable,” said director of marketing for Crosley Radio, Jason Menard. “We’re excited to see this unique turntable resonate with vinyl fans of all ages.”

Star Wars Turntable

The turntable is decked out as a Star Wars poster in the form of the original Star Wars: A New Hope poster, one that is still remembered fondly to this day. But make no mistake about it, this is a full-on record player, and it’s made with the quality of sound in mind. In fact, you can even plug your headphones into this turntable so you can listen to your records privately. That’s cool.

Now yes, this may seem odd, or gratuitous, but come on, we’re fans, we LOVE getting stuff that is oddball, or crazy, or serves nothing more than to please our fanboy or fangirl interests. And thus does exactly that, you can’t deny.

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