Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Last year, Call of Duty technically released two games. The latest edition of the series in Infinite Warfare, and a remastering of Modern Warfare. Both were commercial hits, leading to speculation on whether more games could get the remastering treatment have begun. The most obvious one that’s next in line would be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

As one of the true pure sequels, Modern Warfare 2 took what Modern Warfare did (which was not insignificant, as it helped breathe new life into the series) and cranked it up to 11. While this resulted in big sales and critical acclaim, it wasn’t without criticism. A lot of people were confused by how short the single player campaign was, even being shorter than the original Modern Warfare. Also, the game didn’t really add anything new, it just upped the detail in many aspects with only very small additions to things like multiplayer.

So, if Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 were to be remastered, it might need a tweak or two, and players are all too happy to make suggestions. In fact, they made a whole Reddit post about it. Ironically, a majority of the changes they want made on there are tailored for the multiplayer. This isn’t too surprising, as the Modern Warfare brand was what made the Call of Duty online multiplayer so popular.

The vast amount of ideas revolve around the Perks you can have as a player in the online multiplayer. For example, certain players have suggested that “One Man Army” to be removed, as that made it way to easy for players to abuse the system, and thus make gameplay unfair and not fun.

Players also suggested removing things such as Deathstreaks, and Last Stand, as these too hurt the gameplay. Most importantly, players just want Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 to remain how it was for the most part. Yes, there are tweaks that need to happen, but no overhauling needs to happen in their eyes. We’ll have to see if this remaster happens.


  1. Title of this article is the most stupid question I’ve read in ages.
    Call of duty WAS a masterpiece up until Black ops 2. Now it has become a “cartoony” little kids game.

    In my opinion COD producer’s should stop bringing out new Space/sci-fi crap and concentrate on remaster-ing the following legends:

    World at War
    Modern Warfare 2
    Black ops
    Modern Warfare 3
    Maybe Black ops 2 ( Just for zombies)

    And they should repeat this process over and over again only with new features such as:

    VR (never tried this)
    New Game modes
    New Maps
    Additional Campaign Stories.


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