A recent livestream by Bungie revealed key details of what we can expect when it comes to the next update for Destiny. The final update, entitled Age of Triumph, brings a wealth of old and new content to celebrate the game before the inevitable sequel.

Age of Triumph will see all raids coming to the current Light Level, and will bring back raids such as Vault of Glass, King’s Fall, Crota’s End and Wrath of the Machine. Weekly featured raids will also be introduced, which will each have modifiers to make them even more difficult. Also, in this last major event before the sequel’s arrival, the biggest record book in Destiny to date will be implemented, bringing a wealth of new content for old and new players alike.

This has come as pleasing news for some, particularly PvE players of Destiny, with a number of features for them to indulge in as Destiny comes to a close. Some have even taken to the Reddit platform to express their gratitude. In a post titled “Shout out to Bungie for a PvE focused live update” by user AnthemAK, many others stopped by to bask in the glow of Age of Triumph. AnthemAK posted:

Also as a Taken Tot myself, I’m excited to get two newish-to-me raids for new stuff. I’m too new to have experienced the Elemental-primary-that-isn’t-Zhalo-Nightfall possibilities. And I’m not into PvP all that much these days, but I hope they fix it for you guys.

blulitespecial replied:

I wish that would be there attitude for a lot of things in these final months. Throw us a bone and make it a party!

It presents a great opportunity for returning and new players to Destiny, and looks set to give it one hell of a send-off. If you’d like to join the conversation, head over to the Destiny Reddit.



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