The Age of Triumph is almost upon Destiny players, in what will wrap up the popular shooter by Bungie ahead of the eventual release of Destiny 2.

What the next and last expansion brings is a wealth of new content, including the return of classic raids, the largest book we’ve seen so far in Destiny and more to give it the send off it deserves. Despite this, there have been further suggestions that Bungie could introduce even at this late stage.

Posted by JFN on the official forums, the user put forward the ability to allow infusion to max light for all weapons and armor. The post reads:

What happened to being able to take your favourite weapon/armour to the end game with you. This would add so much more variety, in general, of course though there will always be a meta that most of the competitive players use; but now at least with all items able to be infused to max light level, there will be more alternatives to the meta gear! This could surely be accomplished, as the items are already in the game, just lying there rotting away in vaults or dismantled because of lack of vault space.

Whether its going to be implemented at such a late stage or not is the big question, as further content beyond that planned for Age of Triumph isn’t likely to be added. As stated by joey big guns, it might be worth Bungie focusing on more pressing issues that face in them in the upcoming release of Destiny 2. The users response states:

They will be in the game at current light levels. When you find them again. Don’t you think for the next 6 months it would be best for Bungie to be hammering out issues with connectivity, weapon/ability balance and perhaps every figuring out how to separate nerfs in one playlist from another?

Should Bungie look into bringing the infusions to max light for weapons and armor? Are you looking forward to what Age of Triumph will bring? Let us know in the comments section below.


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