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Bug Delays Star Wars: The Old Republic Update

Update 5.4 for Star Wars: The Old Republic has been delayed after a bug was discovered. Also known as Crisis on Umbara, the update is suffering from one problem, but it is a particularly fatal bug to have, one that makes the impending Flashpoint unplayable.

So it’s a pretty bad problem for the game to have. Community manager Eric Musco has outlined what the bug is actually causing, with the Crisis on Umbara Flashpoint developing an issue that affects everything from an intro cinematic to locking players out of the game altogether. Therefore, it has been announced that the new content will release tomorrow on Wednesday, August 23rd following the 5am PDT maintenance.

To keep updated with the bug, be sure to head to the SWTOR website, where you can find the patch notes for Update 5.4, which will introduce the Flashpoint content as well as a number of other tweaks. Hopefully it will only be another day before the bug is fixed, and given the severity of the bug itself, then surely SWTOR fans will be more than happy to wait for the extra day to make sure that everything is fixed and ready to go.

Star Wars: The Old Republic is now available on PC.

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