breath of the wild

The development story for Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one for the ages. After the critically acclaimed Skyward Sword (which was revealed to be the first story of the Zelda franchise), the sequel had to do something different, and something big. So when the Wii U came out and a beautiful tech demo showed off what could be next, we all got excited. But then nothing came out. Then the game was shown, but not much was revealed about it. Then there were a series of delays that led to it going from a Wii U exclusive to a Nintendo Switch launch title as well.

Since its launch though, it’s been declared one of the greatest games ever made, period. And on Metacritic, it’s one of the best-reviewed games of all time.┬áThat being said, that doesn’t mean some fans don’t find fault with it. In the case of Reddit user JimmyIntense, he felt the story and voice acting really held the game down:

“The universe they’ve created in this game doesn’t fit well with the other major storylines and it left me somewhat confused as to where the hell this story fits in the timeline.”

This is a very interesting position to take, as many have praised the story that Breath of the Wild brought. For in the game, while much of the story is shown to you via cutscenes, you also get to search out a key part of the story on your own. As for the voice acting, that was a true first for the Zelda franchise, and admittedly, people are a bit mixed on its results.

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That being said, a lot of other Reddit users weighed in on the game and sang its praises more often than not:

“I actually enjoyed the story and the VA, not as much as the gameplay, but they certainly weren’t disappointing imo,” says player RingoGaSukiDesu.

Some though did agree with his thoughts, and some weren’t sure how they felt. As in all things in these kinds of topics, it’s all about the person and their experience. What’s your experience with Breath of the Wild?


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